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History of Bobo-Q:
Bobo-Q, is the creation of  “Bobo”, Beau Breeden.  I have created a unique blend of sauces and spices that I hope to share with everyone to help bring your food to life!
It all started during my college years. During the annual Quadmania event at UMBC in 1997, Beau cooked for a party of 25 on a 12 inch Webber Smokey Joe grill, and Beau created the first Bobo-Q Sauce. The following year, the grillin’ grew to over 60 outside the “Classic Crib” an apartment on campus. The flavor and sauces were modified slightly to enhance its flavor and originality. In 1999 the first “Bobo-Mania” occurred, in which 125 people packed a small apartment on campus in which Beau provided food and a specialty sauce over the same small Weber Smokey Joe Grill…to be known as “Bobo-Q”. During his senior year of college Beau hosted the 2nd Annual Bobo-Mania, which he served over 500 people for over 12 hours, providing everyone with the Original Bobo-Q Sauce over a variety of meats and poultry  .When Beau headed home from college, Bobo-Q grew in popularity as Beau helped host local Pig Roasts, Church Picnics, Jousting Tournaments, backyard Bobo-Q's and other area events.
As Bobo-Q has grown in popularity, new and innovative sauces have been and will continue to be added to the line-up. We hope that you will try Bobo-Q.  The next time you decide to have a party, invite Bobo-Q, we will bring your food to life!